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What does “Patient Focused. Quality Driven.” mean to us?

PATIENT FOCUSED All of our decisions and actions, from the CEO to our service engineers, are made with a PATIENT FIRST mentality.

QUALITY DRIVEN By understanding and appreciating our role in the patient experience, we’re able to maintain the highest level of service quality while providing exceptional value to our clients.
For more than 20 years, we have delivered equipment life cycle, maintenance, and parts services for linear accelerators and simulators, most notably all Varian, Siemens, and Elekta models.

Our culture enables our success — below are the core values that best describe our attitudes, behaviors, and approach towards supporting our clients.

Quality of Service


Quick Response


Open Communication


How do we support our clients?

We add value to our clients throughout the equipment life cycle by…


We help our clients evaluate their equipment in terms of where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow. This is accomplished through our Machine Evaluation and Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) offerings.


Through our broker network, we actively monitor the used equipment market to locate machine options for each facility. We then work to secure, acquire, and store the machine until it is installed.


We have a dedicated, in-house team of experts that oversee and perform all equipment-related activities. This includes removing and disposing
of old equipment, relocating machines between facilities, and installing machines or major components through acceptance testing protocols.


We create value by proactively managing what we can reasonably control and having safeguards in place to mitigate against what we cannot.

How do we deliver service?

It takes a balance of the right people, the right parts, and the right coverage for our service to be successful.





Industry Leading.




Our People

Our people are at the core of our value proposition. This starts with bringing in the right talent, developing them through our education program, and ensuring they have the tools they need to be successful.

Once hired, every RS&A engineer, regardless of experience level, goes through our onboarding process, helping us reinforce our culture and service standards. We do not have a culture of overtime and provide our engineers with a quality of life that positively influences their attitudes and actions.

All engineers are competent, qualified, and confident to work on their assigned equipment.

Competent. Qualified. Confident.

Our Coverage

RS&A’s delivery model is designed to minimize service disruptions using a “defense-in-depth” approach for maintenance and parts. We have more than 20 years
of experience working in a dual-vendor environment and welcome a collaborative workplace. Also, we offer multiple coverage options to meet each facility’s delivery and financial requirements.

Our service delivery model includes:

  • A “Prove it” guarantee – starting service the right way
  • A single invoice approach – all parts, all labor, no nickel and diming
  • Round the clock service – unlimited emergency service and after-hour PMIs at no charge
  • All work associated with the manufacturer’s recommended PMI schedule
  • 24/7 technical phone support
  • Our automated escalation protocol
  • Annual quality audits to ensure service level expectations are being met
  • Software upgrade solutions – helping advance machine functionality

Be Present

our commitment to be active in each facility and their community

99% Uptime

average machine performance across our service based over the last five years

1.5 Hours

average on-site response time across our entire service base

Complete. Understandable. Industry Leading.

Our Parts

RS&A’s parts philosophy is simple — maintain a parts network that provides ACCESS to the parts you need at a MOMENT’S NOTICE. Our engineers utilize the following infrastructure to achieve this objective…

Search our online parts inventory at:

Quality. Accessible. Expedited.

Join Our Team

RS&A is seeking motivated and responsible people to join our team.  We are looking for people that share and exhibit the values that make us the preferred services vendor in the industry.

Mail resumes to or RS&A, Inc. 465 Forum Parkway, Rural Hall, North Carolina 27045.  No headhunters.

RS&A Inc.
465 Forum Parkway
Rural Hall, NC 27045

Phone: (800) 320-4332

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